Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest

Rural Ops Searching

Sunday AM and PM sessions

Highway Safety Center

Instructed by: Red River Valley SWAT; Officer Nate Nieman (Fargo Police Department) and Deputy Myron Canales, Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

Max Attendees: 20

Gear Required: All callout gear to include: Vest, Helmet, SWAT Uniform/BDUs, Radios, Pistol (NO LIVE AMMOR, Rifle (NO LIVE AMMO)

Synopsis: This course is designed to teach active SWAT Team Members search and movement tactics in a wooded and rural environment to safely move through an area and locate people and/or designated locations in a way that gives them a tactical advantage. It will also teach operators how to navigate through danger areas and open areas while maintaining maximum coverage and safety to the team, as well as communication techniques to best utilize and direct the team’s resources in a rural environment and maintain 360 degree situational awareness, team accountability and safety. 

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