Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest

Rifle Development; Speed and Accuracy

Sunday AM and PM sessions

Loc: St Cloud PD Range

Instructed by: Peter Johnson; Archway Defense; 

BIO: Prior to establishing Archway Defense, Peter served 5 years as Federal Air Marshal (FAM) International Team Leader conducting counter-terror missions and surveillance around the globe. During his time with the FAMS, Peter achieved “Top Gun” at the Federal Air Marshal Academy in 2010. Prior to FAMS, Peter served 6 years in the USAF Air Base Defense deploying internationally for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Peter’s experience deployed included designated marksmen, clearing ordinance, conducting reconnaissance, and gathering intelligence with local nomads. CONUS Peter served as a pre-deployment trainer, combat arms instructor, and assisted the Inspector General’s Office in testing base defense vulnerabilities. Academically, Peter achieved a B.A. in Criminal Justice with a heavy emphasis on Counter-Terrorism. His undergrad culminated with his capstone research focused on the Radicalization of Somali Youth in Minneapolis.

Max Attendees: 15

Gear Required:  Range appropriate apparel and footwear, PPE (Eye & Ear Pro), Armor Carriers or Response Kit suggested, Duty Pistol, At least 3 Pistol magazines, 50 Rounds Pistol Ammo, 350 Rounds Rifle Ammo, Duty Belt and Holster, Weather Appropriate Gear

Synopsis: This course will focus on linearization of shooting processes to enhance officers ability to shoot accurately at speed.  Officers attending this course will be exposed to drills, techniques, and principles to enhance officers rifle proficiency.  This course will not discuss team tactics or SOPs for swat/tact team operations. Officers attending may select to bring their duty rifle or use one of Archway Defense sponsored JP15s Rifles from. NOTE: This course will NOT utilize classroom time. 

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