Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest

Low Light Live Fire Concepts

Sunday night session ONLY starts at 1730hrs – 2330 hrs

Loc: St Cloud PD Range

Instructed By: Mission Critical Concepts; Dave Sohm (Ret), Sgt. Matt Beckmann (Chisago Co.), Grant Kinnamon (Chisago Co.)

Synopsis: This course will providing a live fire range training that will include use of handgun and rifle in 5 challenging courses of fire.  The training will begin with 30 minutes of classroom on low light techniques and the remaining will be live fire drills. The drills will start in day light and progress into low light /no light conditions requiring officers to locate ID and engage targets with weapon mounted lights in challenging courses of fire.  This training will begin at 1730 hours and conclude by 2330 hours.


Dave Sohm: Over twenty two years of Law Enforcement experience on multiple levels of operations and training. Operational experience and background in Investigations, Operations and Training program design, preparation, presentation and management. Extensive experience in Use of  Force, Firearms, Pursuit and Scenario Based Instruction and program design and implementation for  Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security.

Matt Beckman: bio coming soon.

Grant Kinnamon: bio coming soon.

Max Attendees: 14

Gear Required:

Rifle with sling, weapon mounted light, 3 magazines and 350 rounds ammunition Handgun with holster, weapon mounted light, 3 magazines and 250 rounds of ammunition. Body Armor, helmet, eye/ear protection, handheld white light and clothing appropriate weather conditions.

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