Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest

S.W.A.T. and the K9: Integrating and Understanding

Sunday ALL DAY 0800-1630

Instructor: Cody Tallent, Multi-Purpose K-9 Trainer/Decoy

Max attendees: 12

Course Description:

The S.W.A.T. & K-9 course is presented by Cody Tallent, a nationally recognized K-9 trainer who is considered one of the premiere decoys in the country.  This full day of training will give participants an opportunity to train with their peers and focus on K-9 deployments as related to tactical operations.  The K-9 teams will be evaluated on their strengths and weakness in relation to environmental factors and calculated pressure, followed by indoor and environmental integration, dynamic entries, tactical obedience, and passive engagement.  We have secured a training site that will accommodate various training scenarios to give each K-9 team an opportunity to train varying scenarios, as well as problem solve with an experienced handler/trainer.  Handlers will benefit from having a highly recognized trainer/decoy, who can assist in shaping the desired behavior during tactical operations.

Gear Required:

*This course is for current K9 handlers*

•         K-9 Patrol Vehicle

•         Tactical K-9 Gear (long line, patrol leash, harness, K-9 protective vest, etc.)

•         Full KIT (tactical uniform and all gear)

•         Flashlight

•         Gas Mask

•         Eyes and Ear Protection

•         Radio

•         One flash bang

•         All weather gear (cold weather/rain gear)

•         Muzzle

•         Large Cotton Balls

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