Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest

Debrief: 2016 Encounter with suspect armed with a rifle; Armored Vehicle use by Chisago Co SWAT

Synopsis: 2016 - Initial patrol response to suicidal intoxicated male requesting confrontation with officers. When patrol officers advised they would not approach him if he was looking to have a confrontation he made threats to walk a few blocks down the street to a fall festival attended by several thousand people and begin shooting people to get the cops to shoot him. This call will cover Patrol, SWAT and CNT who were all involved. When SWAT moved in to contain the suspect, shots were fired by the suspect at Chisago SWAT striking our armored vehicle. Chisago SWAT fired and hit the armed suspect putting him down as he was moving in the direction of a SWAT containment team in a wood line. SWAT officers moved up using armor and were able to safely control the suspect so a SWAT Tactical Medics could dismount the armor and render critical aid. Our SWAT medic was instrumental in saving the man’s life. We will also go into the media response to OIS and the social media side of things. After the OIS a family member of the suspect created a Facebook page and began to push out false information and incorrect details to discredit our SWAT team and Sheriff’s Office in general. We will cover other parts of the trial of the suspect who was convicted and now serving time in prison.

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