Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest

Tactical Training; Creating Effective & Legally Defensible Training

Presented by: Ofcr Josh Seifert; Bloomington PD SWAT

Public scrutiny of the police and police practices rages-on in the media and the legislature. The cries for reform have been met with some new, some knee-jerk and some out right bizarre requirements that have recently dominated your training time. The tactical community has not been immune to the scrutiny and in some cases has been front and center in the reform debate.

As SWAT operators, we spend a great deal of time designing, organizing and implementing training during the course of a year yet we often fall short when it comes to documentation. Training documentation, while not as fun and glorious, is perhaps the most essential component of your program.

Well documented training supports legal defense in the event of civil or criminal litigation and workers compensations claims. The creation and maintenance of training scribes allows Trainers and Team Leaders to: Track and Trend, evaluate the performance of your team and individual operators and most importantly, make the most of your limited training time.

This course is designed for all operators, Team Leaders and Trainers of all disciplines.

Max Attendees 18

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