Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest

Stepping in Tactical Quicksand on your call out, a review of a 14 hour SWAT event.

Synopsis: This debrief will consist of a sequential review of decisions during a SWAT call out Plymouth PD SWAT handled in August 2018.  The event started as a domestic situation that quickly escalated to patrol officers holding a suicidal male (armed with a handgun) at gunpoint in a very small basement room.  The scene was handed over to SWAT in short order.  The result was a 14 hour marathon of decision making, legal issues, a neighborhood locked down, and an “escaped” subject.  Highlights include: robots malfunctioning, drones crashing, and other complicated entanglements the team dealt with.  Lessons learned and the aftermath will be openly shared and discussed.

Presented by: Sgt. Chris Kuklok Plymouth PD SWAT Team Leader

Sgt. Kuklok has 25 years law enforcement experience, including 22 years on SWAT.  He has been in the role of Team Leader for 18 years.  He is currently working in the Patrol Division but also spent time as his department’s Investigative Supervisor.  He is a less lethal instructor, firearms instructor, and a high threat CQB instructor.

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