Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest

Advancing Sniper Skills Course including competition

ALL DAY from 0800-1630 hrs

Instructor; Derek Nordvedt, Shakopee PD

Course Description: This course is geared for Law Enforcement Sniper Operators.  The goals will be to practice target identification.  To increase the operators ability to hit a moving target with proper target identification.  To practice and learn to shoot from the opposite/weak side in prone position.  To practice different techniques in drawing handgun from holster in prone position. 

Gear Required:

•       Sniper Rifle

•       Handgun with thigh rig or whatever holster you use for callouts

•       Callout gear

•       Bi-pod or Tri-pod

•       Rain and/or Cold weather gear

•       Shooting mats (if wanted)

•       Ear protection

•       Approximately 80 Rounds of sniper ammo

•       Approximately 25 rounds of handgun ammo

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