Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest

Pistol Skills: The Winning Cadence

Sunday AM and PM sessions

MN DOC Range

Instructed by: Warren Ackerson

Course Description:
This course will challenge shooters to develop the skills to accurately deliver multiple hits on target to win the fight. This will include developing the proper grip to isolate the action of the trigger finger, and to manage recoil for follow up shots. Focus on the development of proper sight acquisition to ensure accurate shot placement will also be featured. While this course may seem to work on "basic" skill sets, the attendees will be seriously challenged to push themselves to new limits and growth regardless of what the shooter may believe their current skill level is!

Max Attendees: 18

Gear Required:  

  • 400 rounds of handgun ammunition
  • Full tactical uniform
  • Handgun and three magazines
  • Proper Eye and hearing protection
  • C

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