Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest

Marathon County OIS

Weston, WI March 22, 2017 Active Shooter/Officer Down Presentation:

Presented by: Marathon County Sheriff’s Office and Everest Metro PD

Event Synopsis:

On Wednesday, March 22, 2017, a male embroiled in a divorce dispute with his wife entered her place of employment, Marathon Savings Bank in Rothschild, WI, and opened fire with a handgun, killing two of her co-workers. The suspect then drove to his wife’s attorney’s office in the City of Schofield and shot the attorney, killing her. 

Law enforcement responded as 911 calls came in from both locations. While responding to the attorney’s office, a Marathon County SWAT Operator from Everest Metro Police Department spotted the suspect vehicle and gave chase, leading to the suspect’s apartment on Aspen Street in the Village of Weston. While first responders were setting up a perimeter, the suspect fired a rifle from his apartment window, killing Detective Jason Weiland of the Everest Metro Police Department.  

Members of the Marathon County SWAT team responded with to perform an officer-down rescue of Weiland before assuming tactical command of the scene.   As Negotiations continued the armed suspect emerged, SWAT engaged him from the turret, striking the suspect multiple times. A quick reaction team of SWAT operators then entered the apartment and took the suspect into custody. SWAT TEMS administered life-saving measures and the suspect was transported from the scene by ambulance. The suspect died 10 days later in the hospital.

Deputy Matthew Bell has been a deputy with the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office since 2008. He is currently assigned to the Patrol Division. Matt has been a member of the Marathon County S.W.A.T. team since 2012 and is tasked as a member of the sniper contingent. Matt is also a Field Training Officer, D.A.A.T. Instructor, and Firearms Instructor. Matt presents information to schools and businesses on Active Shooter Response and other safety considerations. Contact: Matthew.Bell@co.marathon.wi.us

Deputy Cory Gladden has been a deputy with the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office since 2012. He is currently assigned to the Patrol Division as a K-9 Handler. Cory has been a member of the Marathon County S.W.A.T. team since 2014 and is tasked as a member of the entry team. Cory is also a Field Training Officer and E.V.O.C. Instructor. Cory presents information to schools and public organizations on the utilization of the K-9 program and the use and impact of illegal drugs in Marathon County. Contact: Cory.Gladden@co.marathon.wi.us

Detective Sergeant Dan Goff has been an officer at Everest Metro PD for 16 years. He is an operator for Marathon County S.W.A.T. and was actively involved in the March 22, 2017 OID/Active Killer Event in Weston, WI. Dan is a State of WI Firearms Instructor (Handgun, Rifle, and Subgun), Active Shooter Instructor, MACTAC (Multi-Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities) Instructor, Ballistic Shield Instructor, Taser Instructor, Less Lethal Operations, and trainer for other disciplines. Contact: Det. Sgt. Dan Goff Everest Metro Police Dept. 5303 Mesker St. Weston, WI 54476, Phone:  715-359-4202, Email:  daniel.goff@co.marathon.wi.us 

Captain Robert Dickerson is the Operations Captain for Everest Metro PD and a Team Leader for Marathon County S.W.A.T. He has 13 years accumulative time on S.W.A.T. between Milwaukee and Marathon County Sheriff SWAT. Rob, was actively involved in the March 22, 2017 Active Shooter / OID Incident in Weston, WI. He is an Unified Tactics Instructor in the State of WI for MACTAC, Tactical Response, Scenario, Defense and Arrest Tactics, Rifle/Handgun, Vehicle Contacts , Less Lethal Operations and General Topic Law Enforcement Instructor. Also an Adjunct Instructor at NorthCentral Technical College, Wausau. Contact: Everest Metropolitan Police Department, 5303 Mesker St, Weston, WI  54476 (715) 359-4202

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