Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest

High Threat CQB by 88 Tactical

Sunday AM and PM sessions & Monday AM and PM session

Loc: Coborns Facility

Instructor(s:) 88 Tactical; Trevor Thrasher and Aaron Guzman

Synopsis: This is an introductory course on behaviorally compliant High Threat CQB methods for one and two operators. Tactics are centered on deliberate to dynamic threshold assessment combined with a focused attack upon entry that provides operators an offensive and defensive advantage. It is a hybrid American-Israeli method based upon actual human responses to threats in a close-quarters environment. High Threat CQB is a paradigm shift in tactics based heavily on human behavior in actual high stress encounters. It takes what has been visually recorded in actual CQB engagements and develops tactics, techniques and procedures that allow operators to fight an opponent without having to fight their own instincts and intuitions making it much more trainable and able to retain.

Bios: Trevor Trasher; A combat veteran U.S. Army Green Beret, Trevor Thrasher has unique and wide-ranging special operations experience. His credentials include law enforcement SWAT, high risk protective work in non-permissive environments, and counter terrorism direct action missions-done both unilaterally and with foreign special forces.

Thrasher possesses numerous instructor level certifications in firearms, hand to hand combat and special tactics, and has developed proprietary tactical curriculum for numerous units and agencies. Earned certifications include: Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Israeli Tactical Shooting Instructor, Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor, SPEAR Instructor, Krav Maga Instructor, Special Forces Hand to Hand Combat Instructor, Take Down and Ground Control Instructor, FAST Defense, Pressure Point Control Tactics, Low Light and Special Team Tactics, Conventional and Explosive Breaching, Israeli Counter-Terrorism Tactical Instructor and many other certifications in the related fields of firearms, combatives and tactics.

Trevor served as primary defensive tactics instructor for the Omaha Police Department, primary tactical instructor/advisor to a foreign commando counter-terror unit, and is responsible for the ground breaking curriculum known as High Threat Systems, and Reality Behavior-Based Conditioning©.

Thrasher maintains his operational experience as a part-time police officer, Operations Sergeant (18Z) with the 19th Special Forces Group, Colorado National Guard, and as a contract security specialist for various organizations locally and overseas.

Thrasher is partner and COO of 88 Tactical Franchise Group.

Aaron Guzman:

A tenured member of a South Central Drug Investigation Unit – SWAT team, Aaron Guzman’s breadth of skills and knowledge have been proven to our law enforcement communities.  Aaron has worked in every capacity within the SWAT team for the past 9 years – currently assigned as the Assistant SWAT Commander for SCDIU (Owatonna, MN).  Aaron’s training emphasis with the SWAT team:  breacher instructor, hostage rescue instructor, CQB instructor, and Less Lethal/Chemical/Flashbangs.

Deputy Aaron Guzman’s background consists of more than 15 years of full-time law enforcement experience with Steele County Sheriff’s Office.  Within that capacity, Guzman serves as the range master/firearms coordinator that specializes in Reality Based Behavior Conditioning (RBBC©).  Guzman instructs the following courses:  Active Killer Interdiction (armed/unarmed), High Threat CQB, High Threat Vehicle Engagements, Less Lethal/Chemical, Crowd Management Control, High Risk Control Tactics, High Risk Stops, and Patrol TacMed.

Guzman is the business manager of 88 Tactical’s Law Enforcement mobile team which is an elite training organization providing a vast array of tactical curriculum for Law Enforcement and Military.  A lead instructor with 88 Tactical, Aaron teaches Basic SWAT, HRT, Patrol CQB and Vehicle Tactics throughout the country.  Guzman will be co-teaching at Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA) and NTOA this year.

Max attendees: 20

Gear Required: Full duty belt / tactical load out, Long Gun and/or pistol - tac-lights, slings, UTM/SIMS/AIRSOFT ready:  80 rounds primary | 40 rounds secondary, Conversion blue bolts or blue weapons, Eye and electronic ear protection, Appropriate attire for CQB, Protective gear:  eyes, gloves, long sleeves, face protection, Safety-blocked weapon devices, No ammo, knives, tasers and chemical, Mandatory safety checks for all weapons inside sterile environment

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